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Knee Trac Treatment

Knee Trac Treatment

Knee Trac Treatment

Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine endeavors to offer patients personalized treatment plans and a wide array of options. Knee Trac treatment is a comfortable, non-invasive modality for decreasing knee pain and inflammation while enhancing the recovery period. This technique has produced results for patients suffering from Osteoarthritis, chronic pain, previous injuries, failed surgeries and more.

The Knee Trac machine provides axial decompression of the joint space, which allows the MLS Laser to permeate and heal the affected areas. There are no uncomfortable sensations during treatment. This method is proven to be more effective than ultrasound & exercise combined, and can potentially help patients avoid knee surgery.

Those interested in the Knee Trac protocol at Austin Preferred should first schedule an initial evaluation with our medical providers. Acute knee pain can be remedied with a six-session treatment plan. A 12-session plan is optimal for those suffering from chronic pain. Knee Trac treatment is a cash service, meaning patients without medical insurance can also benefit from this innovative option.

Knee Trac treatment is not necessary for every case. For more information on the other treatment options offered at Austin Preferred, please see our Services page.

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