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Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a group of therapeutic techniques commonly used to treat soft tissue pain or disability. It is one of the most common and widely-desired treatment options in physical medicine. This broad range of modalities involves manipulation and/or mobilization of the joints and tissues in injured areas. Patients can expect decreased muscle spasms, tension and joint dysfunction, as well as increased blood flow and range of motion.

Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine provides a range of options under this discipline to relieve pain by restoring functionality to the body. Our medical providers typically incorporate manual treatment within Chiropractic or Physical Therapy plans of care. However, many patients also enjoy its therapeutic benefits as a standalone option. The array techniques used at our practice makes us a preferred location for Manual Therapy in Austin, Texas. Furthermore, these include:

Manual Therapy Options:


Incorporating manual into the patient’s plan of care aids the body’s response to treatment while helping restore functionality. Moreover, it can provide immediate relief in some cases for muscle stiffness, soreness and inflammation. This can result in enhanced sleep, decreased tension, improved bloodflow and more. Because of its broad application, Manual Therapy can provide deep relief for a wide variety of conditions. These commonly include:

Manual Therapy Relief for:


While this list is extensive, manual techniques are also useful in treating numerous other common conditions. Most health insurance carriers and Medicare cover these modalities, which we also offer at the self pay rate for those without coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can Manual Therapy help treat my medical condition?

A: Although manual has a broad application and is useful in treating numerous conditions, our providers must still evaluate your case before recommending it as part of your plan of care.

Q: Does health insurance and/or Medicare cover Manual Therapy?

A: Yes, most health insurance carriers and Medicare cover manual, though we also offer it at the self pay rate for patients without coverage.

Q: How many treatment sessions does it take to feel relief from these modalities?

A: While some modalities listed above produce immediate relief, others require a series of treatments for the best effect. The patient’s condition, diagnosis and response to treatment all factor in.

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