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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy creates a suction effect by connecting plastic cups to negative pressure and placing them on the skin. Cups are left on the skin for up to 20 minutes, drawing stagnant blood and toxins from the deep tissues. This stimulates the body’s natural healing process, as rejuvenated healthy circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to the area.

This technique effectively treats muscle pain, inflammation, circulation issues and other common soft-tissue conditions. Cupping is also a great complement to Chiropractic and Physical Therapy treatment, helping the body recover and relax. Our track record of success has made Austin Preferred a popular option for Cupping Therapy in Austin, Texas.

Effects of Cupping Therapy:

While cupping has a therapeutic effect on soft tissues, it does leave its mark on the body. The dark spots Cupping Therapy leaves behind are a hallmark of the procedure. These marks occur as static blood, cells and toxins emerge from the deeper tissues. They are generally painless and subside in 3-5 days, though we recommend you keep the marks covered for up to two days after treatment. This procedure also opens up the pores of the skin, which may result in mild sensitivity to cold. Lightheadedness and dizziness can also occur, although they usually subside with alteration of the the suction intensity.

Cupping Therapy is only available at the self pay rate, so Austin Preferred offers free consultations for serious candidates. Call (512) 442-2727 with questions or to schedule a consultation at our South Austin office. 

You can also visit our Services and Conditions pages for more information on treatment options at our practice. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there any pain during a cupping appointment?

A: The suction cups create a slight sensation of tightness in the surrounding areas, but there is generally little to no pain during the appointment. Any pain you may experience generally subsides by altering the pressure of the suction.

Q: How long will the dark spots last after my appointment?

A: The marks left behind by Cupping Therapy usually last for 3-5 days. While they are usually painless, we recommend you keep the areas covered for 24-48 hours after treatment. 

Q: Does health insurance cover Cupping Therapy?

A: Health insurances do not yet cover this treatment technique. Since cupping is only available at the self pay rate, we offer free consultations to serious candidates. 

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