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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy in Austin

Trigger Point Therapy

Everyday wear and tear from routine activities can lead to stress in the soft tissues. This sometimes causes damage which can lead to tension, referred pain, and sensitivity throughout the body. These painful spots are known as myofascial trigger points. The best way to alleviate the effects of trigger points is to break up and mobilize damaged tissues, which is known as Trigger Point Therapy (TPT). Doing so allows the tissues to relax while oxygen and fluid help restore function in the area. 

Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine is a popular option for Trigger Point Therapy in Austin. This is because of our providers’ track record of using multiple techniques to help patients find relief. Offering an array of options allows them to choose the best approaches for each individual case and provides flexibility when altering treatment plans. Whether treating sports injuries, repetitive stress injuries or cumulative wear and tear, TPT can benefit people dealing with a variety of ailments. 

Trigger Point Therapy in Austin

During an initial evaluation, our providers will identify the location of the trigger points while using patient feedback. Next, we will determine which modalities can treat the issue effectively and efficiently. Each of the techniques we offer serves as a useful complement to Physical Medicine and Rehab treatment, although some are more effective for certain conditions than others. Possible treatment techniques include:

While health insurances cover some of our Trigger Point Therapy modalities, others are only available at the self-pay rate. Because we typically accommodate patients with specific requests, it is beneficial to consult with our providers on treatment options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does health insurance cover Trigger Point Therapy in Austin?

A: Most major health insurances cover TPT, although we also offer treatment at the self-pay rate. 

Q: How many sessions will it take to see results?

A: While some patients feel relief during their very first session, others may require a series of 4-6 visits before achieving similar results. 

Q: Why should I choose Austin Preferred for Trigger Point Therapy?

A: Because the providers at Austin Preferred are trained in multiple Trigger Point Therapy techniques, we are able to use the most effective, efficient options for each individual.

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