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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy benefits those who are suffering from chronic pain or recovering from an injury. The PT staff at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine is essential to our approach, which centers around relieving pain and optimizing wellness by restoring functionality to the body. This approach also decreases the likelihood of future injuries or aggravations. Physical Therapy patients can expect to gain strengthened muscles, increased range of motion and increased flexibility, in addition to improved balance and coordination.

Potential Physical Therapy patients at Austin Preferred will first need to come in for an initial evaluation. Our staff will then work alongside the patient to design an individualized treatment plan designed to meet their rehabilitative goals. The plan of care may utilize several different Physical Therapy modalities, including:

Austin Preferred also offers sports rehabilitation for athletes from the youth to professional level. Our staff provides a multi-faceted approach for assisting those who are recovering from sports injuries or taking preventative measures for the future.

Per Texas state law, Physical Therapy patients must have a referral from a physician prior to beginning treatment. For help obtaining a referral or to schedule an evaluation at our South Austin location, call (512) 442-2727. Furthermore, you can reference our Services page for alternative treatment options at our practice.

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