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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine in Austin

Regenerative Medicine

While traditional medicine continues to advance, patients’ needs are evolving more quickly than ever before. The fast-paced nature of life in the 21st century can cause extensive wear and tear on the body. As people age, we experience longer healing times, increased inflammation and the adverse effects of cell aging. Many physicians can manage these symptoms with medications, devices or physical medicine. These practices sometimes provide short-term relief, but the best approach in many cases is to regenerate the damaged tissues. This practice is simply known as Regenerative Medicine.

Regenerative Medicine is a fast-growing branch of medicine which involves replacing, repairing and/or regenerating human cells. The patient’s own bodily tissues are often used in these types of procedures, while those obtained from an outside source have proven equally, if not more effective. Introducing these cells into an afflicted area can drastically accelerate healing while reducing pain and restoring function to the body. This occurs as the injected cells recruit growth factors and proteins and the tissue properties necessary to heal and regenerate tissue.

Regenerative Medicine in Austin

There are many subcategories of Regenerative Medicine. These include Stem Cell therapy, Growth Factor therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), among others. Austin Preferred uses these therapies as excellent complements to Physical Therapy and/or Chiropractic treatment. 

PRP uses the growth factors within the patient’s own blood to regenerate damaged tissues. The blood is drawn and separated to isolate the beneficial components before being injected into the tissues. The procedure is relatively quick and can provide outstanding results for some orthopedic conditions. This method has proven effective for virtually any type of soft-tissue injury to the muscles, tendons and ligaments. 

Stem Cell therapy commonly uses of bone marrow, adipose (fat), Wharton’s Jelly and other mediums to heal tissues. Donated amniotic or umbilical cord cells, while not technically stem cells, are also outstanding sources of growth factors. These sources can signal the cell types necessary to heal most damaged tissues throughout the body. This includes bone, muscles, tendons, ligaments and more. Once introduced to the body, the growth factors and proteins in the cells serve as a scaffold, while the necessary cell types are summoned to regenerate tissue. 

Austin Preferred only uses tissues from FDA-regulated tissue banks in the United States. We realize the commitment our patients make when electing for Regenerative Medicine in Austin, so we strive to use the best products for the best possible results. 

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

These techniques have proven effective for healing injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments and bone. They are also creating buzz within the healthcare industry as a possible treatments for blood diseases, cancers and even diabetes, to name a few. The possibility remains that Regenerative Medicine could change the landscape of healthcare in the future.

Many patients have already reclaimed a normal active lifestyle thanks to Regenerative Medicine, without turning to potentially dangerous prescription drugs or complicated surgeries. When compared to the cost and recovery time related to surgical procedures, Regenerative Medicine warrants serious consideration. 

Due to the cutting-edge nature of  Regenerative Medicine, health insurance does not yet cover these procedures. Austin Preferred offers both options at the self-pay rate and provides free consultations to people interested in Regenerative Medicine in Austin. Call (512) 442-2727 with questions or to schedule an appointment at our South Austin clinic. Moreover, we urge you to visit our Services and Conditions pages for more information on treatment at Austin Preferred. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know which Regenerative Medicine option is best for my condition?

A: Regenerative Medicine has a wide variety of applications and options for different conditions. With that said, every individual is different, so our providers would need to evaluate your condition before deciding the best course of action. It is for this reason that we offer free consultations for people seriously interested in Regenerative Medicine in Austin. 

Q: Does health insurance cover Regenerative Medicine?

A: Health insurance does not yet cover Regenerative Medicine. Consequently, Austin Preferred only offers these services at the self pay rate.

Q: Why should I choose Austin Preferred for Regenerative Medicine in Austin?

A: The providers at Austin Preferred wish to achieve positive outcomes for each Regenerative Medicine patient. As such, we will not recommend Regenerative Medicine unless it is in the patient’s best interests. The same cannot be said for every practice. Furthermore, we will provide each patient with the information, guidelines and support to ensure that the procedure and recovery period go as well as possible.

Q: Will I have a long recovery period after my procedure?

A: Along with the outstanding healing Regenerative Medicine provides, one of the most appealing aspects is the remarkably short recovery period. Regardless of which option you choose, the recovery period ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks. This depends on the body part and diagnosis, of course. 

Q: What if I can’t pay for Regenerative Medicine up front?

A: Austin Preferred is proud to offer competitively-priced Regenerative Medicine in Austin. We also offer patient financing through CareCredit for eligible applicants. 

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