Shoulder Pain Treatment

About Shoulder Pain

Research shows that up to 26% of adults suffer from some form of shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can stem from many different causes, degenerative conditions, acute injuries, herniated discs, and even vitamin deficiencies.

Many uncomfortable symptoms can occur along with shoulder pain, including weakness, instability, and decreased range of motion, among others. These symptoms can have a large impact on daily life, considering the importance of the shoulder in the use of one’s arms. It is for this reason that proper evaluation and treatment are essential to relieving shoulder pain.

The healthcare providers at Austin Preferred take an integrated approach to shoulder pain relief in Austin, using multiple modalities to decrease pain and promote healing. 

Our Shoulder Pain Treatment

This approach centers around relieving pain while restoring health and function to the body, rather than recommending prescription drugs or surgery. Because each case of shoulder pain is different, we have each new patient in for an initial evaluation before recommending treatment options. Moreover, Austin Preferred offers a wide array of treatment options for shoulder pain. This allows our providers to create plans of care that are truly unique to each patient’s needs.

Treatment plans for shoulder pain typically include some combination of:

Our staff is typically willing to accommodate patients with specific requests, and we even offer free consultations for some services.


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