Spinal Adjustments

What Are Spinal Adjustments

Research shows that up to 80 percent of Americans could suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. While back pain itself is annoying, it can also cause other symptoms, including impaired limb function, trouble sleeping, and fatigue, among others.

Spinal adjustments can align the spine while relieving built-up pressure. This helps oxygen-rich fluid flow through the body, which provides relief from joint pain, stiffness, and nerve dysfunction.

Spinal adjustment or spinal manipulation involves using hands or a small instrument called an activator to apply controlled force to a spinal joint. The goal of spinal adjustment is to improve motion and reduce pain. Our chiropractors use several different techniques, but most common is the diversified technique– the classic chiropractic technique, developed by D.D. Palmer, DC. This technique specific manual thrusts focused on restoring normal biomechanical function.

Because of Dr. Jeff Fluitt’s track record of achieving positive outcomes with a variety of conditions, Austin Preferred is a popular option for spinal adjustments in Austin. To enhance the effects of adjustments, our providers sometimes combine them with other Chiropractic, Manual Therapy, and Physical Therapy techniques. However, many people find significant relief from regular adjustments alone.

There are many different techniques used for Chiropractic adjustments. However, these generally fall into two categories: Spinal Manipulation, which involves a moderate amount of force, and Spinal Mobilization, which is more gentle. The chiropractors at Austin Preferred mainly use techniques including the Standard Manipulation, Flexion-Distraction, and the Activator Method for adjustments. Standard Manipulation relieves pressure in the joints through mobilization. Flexion-Distraction applies small amounts of pressure in targeted areas, which helps herniated discs slip back into place. The Activator Method applies gentle pressure followed by a quick thrust with a specialized instrument that corrects misalignment in the spine.

Utilizing multiple techniques allows our providers to choose the most effective options for each patient’s specific condition, which resonates with our personalized healthcare approach.

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