Tennis Elbow Treatment

About Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow (epicondylitis) is an overuse injury of the tendons that attach to the bony area at the outside of your elbow. It causes pain, tenderness and weakness in the arm, making further movement and use difficult. Common causes of tennis elbow include activities that require repetitive motion of the wrist and forearm such as racket sports, but other activities like painting or typing can also contribute. Symptoms may increase gradually over time or occur suddenly after activity that causes stress or strain on the tendon. Pain and tenderness usually become worse when making a fist, shaking hands or gripping objects, with occasional burning sensations radiating from the elbow area down to the fingers.

Our Tennis Elbow Treatment

Treatment for tennis elbow often involves rest, braces, physical therapy, dry needling and shockwave therapy. However for some individuals surgery might be required if more conservative treatments are not successful.


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