Trigger Point Injections

What Does Trigger Point Injections Do?

Myofascial trigger points are one of the most common causes of pain in the soft tissues. Trigger points often develop as knots that form when muscle tension lingers, affecting the surrounding nerves while causing referred pain. These issues, which arise from stress, muscle injuries or repetitive strain, can cause irritation and perpetuate the pain cycle.

The providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine use trigger point injections as a direct approach for treating trigger points. We often incorporate these injections into Physical Therapy and Chiropractic treatment plans as an immediate pain-relief modality. This approach has helped us achieve countless positive outcomes, making our practice a popular choice for trigger point injections in Austin.

Trigger point injections are a relatively simple procedure. The medical provider first inserts a small needle into the trigger point while injecting a plant-based solution to dull the pain. This solution renders the trigger point temporarily inactive, providing immediate pain relief in many cases. The needle also helps break up scar tissue in the area, providing added relief. Furthermore, this modality effectively treats muscle pain in many prominent areas including the neck, backshoulders, and arms. The injection takes just a matter of minutes and can produce sustained results after just one treatment. This technique can be repeated as needed.


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