Wellness Blood Panels

What Are Wellness Blood Panels?

Wellness lab testing helps you to screen for potential red flags that could compromise your health over time. Many patients come in assuming that comprehensive labs are done at their yearly physical, but often this is not the case.  Complicating matters, normal reference ranges given with basic blood work do not necessarily reflect optimum levels for wellness. Because each individual is different, patients may request comprehensive wellness panels or individual blood panels focusing on specific bodily processes.

When combined with physical medicine, supplements, and lifestyle changes, blood panels can be the starting point for significant improvements in overall wellness.

Types of Wellness Blood Panels

  • Overall wellness panels to assess numerous important biomarkers that are essential to health. 
  • Hematology panelsto evaluate blood for conditions including anemia, infection and platelet disorders.
  • Metabolic panels to examine electrolyte levels as well as liver and kidney function.
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment panels which include scans for cholesterol and diabetes.
  • Hormone panels to help identify thyroid and other possible endocrine disorders.
  • Additional tests including CeliacH. Pylori, Autoimmune, and modified Food Sensitivity panels (in addition to our more detailed options).

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