Wellness Tips for Dining Out

Eating out is America’s real favorite past time, isn’t it? Having a good meal out with friends or family can be emotionally nourishing, but not always nutritious or healthy. During your detox phase, it’s probably just easier to not eat out – but if you find yourself at a restaurant, here are some wellness tips for dining out:

  1. Pick a good place. Austin has many wonderful restaurants with fresh, local ingredients that will fit your meal plan.
  2. Look at the menu ahead of time. Menus online can allow you to determine what you can eat and how you can modify it if needed. It will be less stressful to know what you are getting into.
  3. Tell the waiter you have a food allergy. This way the importance of avoiding gluten, grains, and dairy will be clear. If they must go ask the chef about ingredients, that’s ok. You are not being rude or demanding, you are caring for your body’s needs now.
  4. Ask the waiter to skip the bread or chip basket.
  5. Drink a full glass or two of water while waiting for the food to come.
  6. Ask for side of olive oil and vinegar or lemon slices instead of getting salad dressing or sauce.
  7. Ask if vegetables can be prepared steamed or sautéed in olive oil.
  8. Get extra veggies instead of potatoes, rice, or bread on the side.
  9. Eat slowly, stop when you are feeling full.
  10. Get plain berries for dessert, if possible. There are plenty of good gluten and dairy free desserts out there, but they are still full of sugar and empty calories. Best to keep it simple.
  11. Savor your company, conversation, and ambiance!

More helpful tips like these are available through Austin Preferred’s new Functional Nutrition Program. Anyone interested in working with our providers to achieve their wellness goals should contact us today for an evaluation.

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